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Environmentally friendly Barclaycard Breathe hailed for low rate

04 July 2007
Barclaycard has just launched the Breathe credit card, which gives 50 per cent of all profits to environmentally friendly carbon-reduction projects.

Customers using their card to spend on ‘green’ products and services, such as buying energy saving items for the home or spending on public transport instead of using their car, will benefit from a 5.9 per cent rate on that spending.

That 5.9 per cent rate is the lowest rate available in the credit card market, commented Sean Gardner, chief executive of, calling Breathe “a genuine breath of fresh air” with strong incentives for customers.

Just nine credit card products available currently give a rate below ten per cent on purchases, he said, and the market average is 16.63 per cent.

Co-operative Bank and Smile, “the only other main green/ethical players in the credit market”, differ because they use “a more traditional donation scheme,” explained Michelle Slade, analyst at

Meanwhile, commended other cards for people who feel strongly about other causes, such as the American Express Red, which makes contributions to combating AIDS in Africa, or the Co-operative Bank card, which gives to homeless charity Shelter.

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