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Goldfish: credit cardholders cling to unappealing offers

26 March 2007
Slightly more than half the UK’s credit card holders are using a card that offers them no perks at all, card provider Goldfish has claimed.

While 49 per cent of UK customers hold a credit card with rates based on rewards, 52 per cent hold a card without any reward scheme or reduced promotional interest rates at the point of purchase or balance transfer.

Where customers have chased rewards, the most popular cards were those which offered points which can be collected and redeemed on the high street or in the supermarket, followed closely by the cashback card.

Seventeen per cent opt to take advantage of low rate balance transfer and purchase promotional deals while nine per cent collect Airmiles or travel points for their loyalty.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, more women than men opt for retail reward cards – 31 per cent of the fairer sex compared to 27 per cent of their male counterparts, while men were more likely to opt for cash back loyalty schemes.

Goldfish revealed earlier this month that Londoners were better attuned to profiting from their cards, redeeming £349 within three months compared to the £49 redeemed by their northern neighbours.

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