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Guide launched for student credit card holders

18 September 2006
A new guide has been published by Apacs that aims to provide students with tips and advice on borrowing responsibly.

Despite the fact just 24 per cent of young people (aged between 18 and 24) have a credit card, the information from the payments associations is designed to inform students on how to use them properly.

It offer help on how to protect against fraud, tips for good financial planning and management and guidance on how to select the right credit card for individual needs.

Director of communications at Apacs Sandra Quinn said: “This advice guide is designed as a quick and easy checklist for students. It provides information they need to make informed decisions about their personal finances and clearly explains the various card payment options available to them.”

“Nowadays, most students expect to be in debt when they graduate and whilst it might be impossible to avoid student loan debt, getting a handle on managing your finances can make the world of difference,” she added.

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