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Halifax to launch new One Card

06 July 2006
High street bank Halifax is to launch its latest offering in the credit card market on Monday (10 July) – the new-look Halifax One Card.

The new card will feature a zero per cent balance transfer and purchases rate for nine months and a typical APR of 9.9 per cent. There is, however, a three per cent balance transfer fee.

The card does not have an annual fee and cover to protect against online fraud is included with the package free of charge.

“Many providers will offer zero per cent on either balance transfers or purchases,” said Ian Larkin, head of Halifax credit cards.

“We’re offering customers both, coupled with a market leading typical APR,” he continued. “No other high street provider has such a strong overall offer.”

The Halifax typical APR of 9.9 per cent is far better value than several other offerings from high street leaders, such as Barclaycard (17.9 per cent), HSBC (14.9 per cent), or Natwest (16.9 per cent), although customers should shop around to see which overall package is best for them.

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