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MasterCard combats credit card phishing sites

16 May 2005
MasterCard has announced that it has successfully struck back against phishing sites making illegal use of credit card information.

Sinec its Operation Stop It campaign was launched last June, the credit card company has successfully closed down almost 1,400 phishing sites and more than 750 sites that purported to sell credit card information illegally.

MasterCard managed to prevent the scammers from using a total of 35,000 MasterCard account numbers in fraudulent activities.

“The investigation…has resulted in a significant disruption of cyber criminal activity targeting the financial infrastructure of the United States and demonstrates how industry and law enforcement can co-operate to trounce these types of crimes,” a spokesman for MasterCard stated.

The company said that 27 arrests of suspected computer and credit card fraudsters were made in the US using information gathered under the Operation Stop It campaign.

MasterCard is offering financial institutions a new range of technology and services to help prevent phishing attacks and other forms of credit card fraud.

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