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MasterCard offers pre-pay option

09 November 2006
MasterCard has devised the new ‘unique’ pre-paid card for migrants without a UK bank account.

“It is virtually impossible for international workers moving to the UK to open bank accounts,” said ‘unique’ card’s Razia Bibi.

“Without proof of address, proof of employment and several years credit history, applications are inevitably rejected.”

The card, issued by Broadcastle Bank, will work like a mobile phone top-up card, with the cardholder topping it up at any one of the UK’s 14,000 Post Offices, thus avoiding carrying large sums of cash.

The cardholder can then withdraw money from any cashpoint with a Mastercard logo displayed – over one million ATMs in the UK alone.

The new card is available to any UK resident over the age of 18, and MasterCard is also targeting alternative users, such as individuals with a poor credit rating who find it difficult to obtain credit cards but who are eager to ration and control their spending.

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