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MINT named as ‘Cool Brand’

25 September 2006
Financial services company MINT has been named as one of the UK’s coolest brand names in a ceremony at London’s Gymnasium venue near King’s Cross, which took place last week.

One of the only financial companies to appear at the awards, MINT is riding high off a popular series of television advertisements and the “youthful slant” it gives to some of the more mundane aspects of life, like shopping for the best credit card.

The company has been part of the UK’s financial scene for nearly three years after launching its distinctive curved credit card in December 2003 and since then has branched out into loans and insurance products.

As a ‘cool brand’ MINT “has become extremely desirable among many style leaders and influences”, said a member of the awarding panel for the CoolBrands Council.

“Our focus at MINT is to continue to deliver market leading products and services that make the management of money as hassle-free as possible,” said Jerry Toher of MINT financial services.

“Our brand tries to reiterate this fresh approach to finance,” he added. “This can be seen in our adverts.”

MINT’s latest credit card innovation enables customers to enable the payment of credit card bills by text message.

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