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Moneyfacts reveals credit cards that keep on giving

06 March 2007
You don’t have to bathe in baked beans to give to charity, has explained, as silly season returns with the coming of Comic Relief.

Indeed, there is a way of giving to charity throughout the year, with over 40 credit cards on the market linked to individual charities which make donations each time the card is used.

In fact, the more you spend, the more you give as these cards offer a cut of every purchase you make to a selected charity.

Leading examples include the Comic Relief Visa card, which gives a small initial donation of £6, before donating one per cent of every transaction to the charity.

By comparison, the Cancer Research or NSPCC MasterCards both give 0.25 per cent of every transaction after a sizeable £20 initial donation.

Some savings accounts, too, divert some of the interest accumulated on your savings to the charity of your choice.

With 35 on the market, notable examples of financial products that keep on giving include the Cheshire Building Society’s Caring for Children account and the Triodos Bank Amnesty Saver.

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