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Morgan Stanley reveals holidays when school’s out could stretch credit cards

22 June 2005
New research by Morgan Stanley Consumer Banking has revealed that parents face price hikes of up to 89 per cent in order to take their children away during school holidays.

Less than two months after travel companies promised to ease up on school holiday premium pricing, Morgan Stanley found that holidays to some destinations are still up to 89 per cent more during school vacations.

The French Riviera was the most expensive destination, revealing the 89 per cent price hike, whilst a trip to Florida also costs parents between 38 and 64 per cent more during school holidays.

“Price hikes can hit parents hard during the school holidays, when resorts and travel companies know that families have to take their summer break,” said Patrick Muir, marketing director at Morgan Stanley Consumer Banking.

“Our latest research shows that Brits need to be careful when planning their holiday destination to avoid paying over the odds for a few days of sun.”

The top destinations for families wishing to avoid the school holiday price hike are Spain, Greece and Cyprus, where premiums are as little as five per cent more, the research revealed.

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