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M&S;: Shoppers should use rewards cards

13 December 2005
UK shoppers could gain an extra present this Christmas by using a rewards card to pay for gifts and food this Christmas, M&S; Money has said.

M&S; Money says the average credit card spend is £103 per week – which could yield fantastic rewards for consumers, says the financial services provider.

David MacKay, commercial director at M&S; Money, said: “With so many people paying off their balance in full each month it’s surprising more people don’t look for ways to get something back from their spending.

“Using a credit card with loyalty rewards can help you save while you spend.”

In its survey M&S; Money found a third of consumers choose the credit card which gives them the best rate while a quarter choose the one which will give them rewards or loyalty points.

M&S; Money says customers who use its &MORE; credit card could earn £53 a year in reward vouchers if they spent £103 a week.

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