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Nationwide increases Comic Relief card contribution

31 August 2006
Nationwide Building Society has increased the amount it will donate to Comic Relief upon the first use of the company’s affiliated credit card.

The changes to the charity-related product will take effect from September 1st and will mean Nationwide will contribute £6 to one of the UK’s leading charitable organisations the first time a card holder uses the account.

In addition to this one-off payment at the opening of the credit account, Comic Relief also receives 0.5 per cent of the value of all purchases made with the card thereafter.

The card has a less-than-competitive APR of 17.9 per cent but is a simple and effective way of turning your purchases into pounds for charity, which is the card’s main selling point, analysts note.

Nationwide has recently gained notoriety in the credit card stakes by highlight the failings of its competitors when it comes to applying a positive order of payments to purchases.

The building society was quick to point out when HSBC changed its policy and began applying credit card repayments to the least expensive debts first. Nationwide noted that it would not do this and would continue to be one of the few providers to keep a system that benefited its customers.

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