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‘Non-borrower’ credit cards rated

31 October 2006
People don’t always need credit cards for the borrowing opportunity, points out, and therefore have different criteria when choosing their preferred card.

The alleged ‘best deals’ encourage people to become borrowers through their advertisements but rarely tout the benefits of cards that are best for people who don’t carry balances.

Andy Britchford, personal finance analyst for, said there were options for consumers who don’t carry a month-to-month balance, looking at different features that might be costly in interest-rate terms.

Longer interest-free pay-back terms, loyalty schemes and cash-back promotions are just some of the opportunities that would be attractive to non-borrower card users.

“The beauty for the savvy consumer is that they can earn interest on the savings for that month, as well as receiving cash back or incentives ‘free of charge’ from your credit card provider,” Mr Britchford said.

Most cash-back and loyalty schemes offer around one per cent back in cash or added perks on the card’s annual spend.

Mr Brichford added: “If you are not someone who pays credit card interest, why not take the opportunity to make some money from your card provider; after all it’s nice to be able to turn the tables every now and again.”

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