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Tesco finds security key for credit card customers

18 August 2005
Security is a major factor for consumers when choosing a credit card, according to a new study.

Research by Tesco Personal Finance revealed that when offered a range of new cards, all with similar rates, 79 per cent would pick the product that clearly highlighted its security features.

Recognising these concerns, Tesco has launched FraudSafe, which includes the Tesco Internet Guarantee, Active Monitoring and Tesco Fraud Protection.

“Credit card security is a very real concern for many. Our study shows that people want a clear understanding of the protection they have from their provider,” said Alistair Smillie, head of Tesco Credit Card.

“It’s up to credit card companies to do all they can, to meet their customers’ expectations.”

The importance of credit card security is highlighted by the fact that 25 per cent of cardholders have had their card lost or stolen, while 14 per cent have been victims of credit card fraud.

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