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Thumbs up to new card

07 April 2004
Bristol & West is stamping its thumbprint on the credit card market.

They have released their first credit card – a Bristol & West MasterCard.

It has a thumb print design and offers a standard interest rate 14.9 per cent, with no annual charge.

As part of the introductory offer customers will receive 0 per cent interest on all purchases in the first six months.

Bristol & West’s senior product manager, Nick Pagon, said: “Offering a credit card enhances our ability to meet all of our customers’ financial needs, ensuring that we offer the right balance of savings and credit products.”

“It is always exciting to enter a new market and we believe that our new credit card offers a great deal for our customers. This is our first credit card and we are working towards introducing further exciting cards, offering good customer value, later in the year.”

Written by Editorial Team