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Travel happy with new Amex card

13 December 2005
The new American Express (Amex) Travellers Cheque Card is set to give UK a travellers a stress-free trip this Christmas.

Brits holidaying abroad over the festive season can ‘top up’ the new card with up to £3,000 of foreign currency (dollars or euros) before they go away, allowing travellers to budget their finances.

The card is being offered by NatWest and the Royal Bank of Scotland and comes with a 24-hour replacement service if lost or stolen.

Robin Cockburn, Royal Bank Group spokesman, said: “The Royal Bank and NatWest Travellers Cheque Cards are a versatile way for holidaymakers to plan for their trips.

“For example, frequent travellers can load up currency for multiple holidays, or a family can use it to save cash each month towards spending money for their annual break.

“Either way, you can budget your finances and if you’re lucky enough to come back with cash left on it, you can spend it next time you go away.”

Larger numbers of Brits are booking their holidays online and travel agents are increasing their presence, say industry observers.

Recently, the head of Thomas Cook, one of the UK’s largest agents, said the number of travel agent shops in the UK could fall by over 1,000 because of fierce online competition.

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