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Virgin cardholders hit by fraudsters

22 September 2005
Virgin customers are the latest group to be targeted by internet fraudsters.

The recent scam involved an email sent out to customers asking them to log onto a rogue website and enter their account and credit card details, or their account would be closed in five days.

The fake website was allegedly set up in the Netherlands and was shut down within two hours of Virgin becoming aware of its existence.

Virgin said that it was unaware of how many people had received the emails, but could confirm that the details of the person who set up the site had been passed onto the National High Tech Crime Unit.

Top security experts at Visa USA and Mastercard International said at a conference in America this week that the industry would have to spend millions of dollars over the next ten years to keep up with credit card criminals.

However, they also said that criminals were ‘helped’ in many instances by mistakes made by credit companies and third-party processors.

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