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Virgin Money finds the beautiful game loses out to beautiful women

06 April 2005
British men might not be traditionally considered romantic – but their passion for football is taking second place to their passion for their other halves, Virgin Money Credit Cards has revealed.

According to Virgin Money’s research, British football supporters spend almost twice as much on their lovers than on their football team – the average football-mad British male lavishes £805 a year on his partner, whilst following his team costs him just £482.

Those special treats for his loved one include £368 on special occasions – yes, he does remember the anniversary – and a very romantic £437 on extra treats such as meals out and bunches of flowers (not only when he’s feeling guilty).

“Gone are the days when football fans were seen as loving their team more than their partner,” commented John Franklin, spokesperson for Virgin Money Credit Card.

He added: “Generous British men are splashing out even more to keep the romance alive and can be seen down the local bistro and flower shop as often as they’re down the football ground.”

Men in south west England are the most generous to their loved ones according to the survey, lavishing an average £928 per year on romantic occasions.

Yorkshiremen are the least romantic, it would seem – Virgin Money found they only spent an average of £613 a year on their better half.

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