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Virgin Money reflects on cost of being a fan

06 September 2007
Football fans are paying more than ever to see their teams compete and attendances are set to drop as a result, according to new figures.

Virgin Money’s Football Fans Price Index reveals a 22 per cent rise in match day costs since last February.

Some nine per cent of respondents to the poll said that they did not think they would go to as many matches, including 11 per cent of Premiership team fans.

A contributing factor, according to Virgin Money, is the series of interest rate rises over the last year, which has stretched household incomes.

Lisa Taylor, analyst at, suggested that fans could utilise specialist opportunities, including one via a credit card, to fund their season tickets.

A bank account launched by Derbyshire Building Society enables fans to make regular monthly deposits at an interest rate of 6.5 per cent which, Ms Taylor said, was “respectable”, while Barclaycard offered a zero per cent interest rate on season ticket purchases.

Chairman of the Football Supporters Federation Malcolm Clarke said: “Virgin Money’s survey shows again what any fan in this country knows.

“The cost of watching football here is still at ludicrous levels.”

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