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Virgin Money reveals celebrity envy leads to credit card spending

29 June 2005
British women are still feeling the pressure to look like their favourite celebrities, spending £3.5 billion a year to copy the stars’ looks, Virgin Money Credit Card reveals.

Over the last year, nine out of ten women copied celebrity style from magazine features, spending an average of £500 on designer accessories, fake tans and hair extensions.

More than 80 per cent of women feel pressured to live up to the perfect figures, immaculate coiffures and designer wardrobes of their celebrity idols, Virgin Money Credit Card’s annual survey discovered.

Credit cards feel the weight of that pressure, with three-quarters of the women interviewed admitting they turn to the plastic to meet the cost of celebrity chic, with beauty products and treatments topping the celebrity copycat shopping list.

“Our statistics show women still feel pressured to emulate celebrity style this year and many women still see beauty treatments such as facials and manicures as essential,” said Scott Mowbray, of Virgin Money Credit Cards.

Spending on celebrity imitation has slowed this year, however, with British women spending a collective £1 billion less than last year on copying their favourite celebrities’ looks.

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