Critical Illness Insurance for Breast Cancer

Critical Illness Insurance

Compare Critical Illness Insurance Policies for Breast Cancer

Most cancers including breast cancer will be covered by a good critical illness insurance policy.


As with most insurance policies it is very important that you read the small print and ensure exactly what your policy covers before you sign on the dotted line. It is also worth getting information on the insurance companies claims track record. With breast cancer if there is a history of illness in the family this will be factored in into any underwriting decision before you are given terms. Initially you will be quoted a premium for cover but if you have any pre exisiting conditions or medical history in the family then this may result in more expensive cover or the insurer may exclude a particular condition e.g. breast cancer.


Critical illness insurance provides financial peace of mind when money is the last thing on your mind.


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If you fear that you are at risk of developing breast cancer you may wish to seek medical attention on a regular basis for check-ups and scans. You may also wish to purchase an insurance policy that takes your medical history into account and will not charge large premiums because of this medical history. A preventative strategy will benefit your loved-ones in the event that you do develop a serious case of breast cancer. 

However, if your cancer is discovered as a non-malignant tumor in its early stages, you may be unable to claim on your insurance until it develops into a critical illness. Despite this, it is important that your insurance provider considers how the illness has affected your daily life. If you are unable to perform your duties at work for instance, it is likely that you will receive a small payout. Individual circumstances determine the level of insurance payout you will receive and it is worth seeking the advice of different insurance providers in order to find the best insurance quote possible that will consider your personal circumstances.