Current Accounts for under 18s

For under 18’s current accounts are provided by a range of banks and building societies. The term current account is generally not used in describing these accounts although many providers provide the flexibility normally associated with a current account e.g. instant access, online access, and a banking card.


Many providers operate these accounts for young people up to age 20 in some cases but typically from birth to age 18. The majority of accounts on offer are savings related and so many have a notice period when it comes to withdrawing money but if you shop around many also offer no notice accounts that pay interest. Some providers will offer incentives for opening an account e.g. free vouchers, gifts 

For customers who already have an account, it should be remembered that switching to a new bank is a relatively simple process that will soon become even easier. Switching to a new provider may allow customers to take advantage of useful promotional offers from different banks.


While it is true that younger account holders may already have a savings account set up on their name in order to gain interest, a current account can give account holders more freedom by allowing them more control over their money. Account holders can for example set up direct debits in order to make regular bill payments easier, usually for things like subscriptions and mobile phone payments etc.

Although banks may offer free gifts and discounts in order to attract younger customers, it should be remembered that these promotional offers tend to come around very frequently, and customers may be better off waiting for more substantial long term benefits that may be included as part of their current account policy. 

In order to find an under 18s current account that is best suited to your needs, it is strongly recommended to compare current accounts offers as much as possible to find the best deal available.