Current Accounts with no Credit Check

Cashplus Current Account
Adverse Credit
No credit checks - instant online decision. Apply from your mobile and manage your money with the banking app. Add Creditbuilder to your account and it could help build your credit rating at no extra cost
Card One Money Current Account
Adverse Credit
No credit checks - open to everyone with guaranteed acceptance. Help manage your money. Account comprises of a Billing Account for money in and to pay your bills from, plus a Debit Mastercard for your every day spending

Banking Solutions With No Credit Check Required:


With no credit checks required or proof of address  Monese is a multi-currency global banking service that is designed to provide customers with a high degree of financial freedom – wherever they choose to live, work, travel or settle.

Operating in 31 countries across UK and Europe in 14 languages, it helps people and businesses bank like locals, moving with them wherever they choose to be. In a matter of minutes, customers can sign up to a fully functional account and access global payment solutions that are up to 10 times cheaper than high street banks.

Monese’s compelling offer has attracted 1.8 million customers to date, and this has been with the help of affiliate publishers.

Instant account for mobile people

Customers can simply download the app and open an account instantly using ID and a video selfie.

Where is it available?

Monese is available in the UK and European Economic area, and can be used anywhere globally that Mastercard is accepted.

What are the benefits?

  • Pricing plans from 0 £/€ per month
  • Free instant card top-ups
  • Instant account opening
  • No local proof of address or credit checks
  • Dual £/€ accounts
  • App and support available in 14 languages
  • Real-time transaction notifications
  • Saving Pots/Interest-bearing Monese Savings
  • International transfers (17 currencies supported)
  • Google Pay/Apple Pay
  • Avios/PayPal integration
  • Business account (UK only)


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