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£1.7billion saved by switching energy suppliers

29 June 2007
UK households have saved £1.7billion by switching energy suppliers to get a better deal, according to research from

The survey showed that 13million households in the UK, which is 51% of homes – claim to have moved their gas and/or electricity to another supplier at least once.The biggest reason for switching, according to the survey, is the high cost of energy bills – 58% have switched to save money, whereas 9% of people switch because of poor customer service.

“Consumers are warming up, wising up and starting to win the energy switching game,” said Ann Robinson, Consumer Policy Director at “It’s almost 10 years since we started to have a choice as to who our energy suppliers are and this study is a timely reminder of what we can achieve if we shop around for energy deals in the same way as we would a holiday or a mobile phone.

“However, although we are warming up to switching, we are still not using all our powers as consumers to make the energy market work for us.”

uSwitch estimates that there are still 9.3million people who could save around £1.9billion by making the switch, and that even households that have already switched could save a further £1 billion by switching again.

“I would urge the switching ‘virgins’ to let go of their inhibitions and begin to benefit from competition. While those who have switched before should make sure that it becomes a regular habit – energy deals and customer service levels change so you can’t afford to let the grass grow under your feet,” she continued.

“Switching works and it works well – consumers can save themselves money and keep the energy companies on their toes.”

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