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Analogue switch-off could take Britons by surprise

21 March 2007
Only 48 per cent of Britons have gone over to digital TV in preparation for the national switchover from analogue TV, claims.

After a region’s official switch date, anyone who has not purchased the connection which enables them to view digital will be staring at a blank screen.

The first of the analogue signals will be switched off in just seven months, but only eight in ten Britons know when they need to switch by, uSwitch discovered.

Whitehaven in Cumbria will be the first region to have its analogue transmission cut off on October 17th, Digital UK, which is managing the handover, revealed last week.

Ofcom and Digital UK need to take responsibility for informing people better, uSwitch’s head of communications services Steve Weller insists.

According to Ofcom, the average cost of converting a home with two television sets and a video recorder to Freeview terrestrial television will be £132.

Consumers could save money by assessing their existing broadband or home phone packages, as many media providers now look to bundle such deals with the offer of digital TV services.

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