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Apple iPods and iPhones could be powered by solar energy

28 May 2008 / by Rachael Stiles
Apple has reportedly applied for a patent on creating solar-powered electronic devices such as their hugely popular iPhone and iPod.

Owners of the devices might soon be able to simply leave their iPod or iPhone in the sun to recharge it, without the need for a mains connection, it has been revealed.

A patent application has been made for technology that would involve inserting a layer of solar panels behind the touch sensitive screens used on such items.

This process would allow the whole of the screen on the MP3 players and mobile phones to act as a solar panel.

Electronics companies often apply for patents on products that will never come into being, either because they are not feasible or are left on the cutting room floor, but if the proposed system is created for the Apple iPhone and iPod, it will have environmental benefits and also remove the necessity to be near a power source for recharging.

There are other products available which rely only on the energy of the sun’s rays, such as a small hand-held charger from UK company Better Energy Systems, which gives 20 minutes talk time for every hour of sunlight.

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