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Blackberry Storm rains over iPhone parade

07 November 2008 / by Rachel Mason
Blackberry’s new mobile phone, the Blackberry Storm has so far received rave reviews, giving its makers hope that they could outsell rival Apple’s product, the iPhone.

Since its launch, 13million of the Apple iPhone have been sold worldwide, and the brains behind the Blackberry Storm hope to see their product trump Apple’s figures.

“We know customers are excited about the Storm and the early pre-orders really emphasise this. We continue to take orders and are excited that customers are responding so enthusiastically,” commented Ian Shepherd, consumer director, Vodafone UK.

The two mobile phones seem very similar. Both are touch screen phones – Blackberry’s other products all offer a Qwerty keyboard – with internet access, a camera, music player and all the other features expected from a top of the range phone, but the Blackberry Storm has a few extras that may give it the edge over the iPhone.

The Storm’s one big USP is the ‘popple dome’, which makes the phone’s touch-screen ‘bounce’ as if it is sitting on a spring.

When an icon on the Storm’s screen is touched, it becomes highlighted, but the light-up function can only be activated if the entire ‘popple dome’ is pressed down. Blackberry says this means it does not have the issue that many other touch-screen phones have whereby they light up when they are accidentally brushed.

The Blackberry Storm also has a higher spec camera, offering 3.2 megapixels instead of the two offered by the iPhone.

However, the iPhone still comes out on top for internet access as the Storm is limited to the 3G network.

The Blackberry Storm, which has been developed by Blackberry, RIM (Research in Motion) and Vodafone, has been 18 months in the making and was launched yesterday by Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton.

It is available only through Vodafone, while the iPhone is exclusively available with O2.

Reports suggest that Vodafone expects the Blackberry Storm to account for one in six of all new phones signed to the network.

“Our customers told us that they wanted a single phone that would give them the most secure, reliable email and messaging experience possible combined with all the desirable smartphone features, and at a price that’s affordable,” continued Mr Shepherd.

“The BlackBerry Storm has delivered all of this and more and will give our customers incredible power in their hands to make the most of now.”

The cost of the two phones are similar – the iPhone is £159 plus an 18 month contract of £540 which brings the total to £699, while the Blackberry Storm is free, but only when you take out a 24 month contract for £840.

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