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British Gas reckoning as price cuts comes into effect

13 March 2007
As British Gas price cuts come into effect, taking the annual dual fuel bill to £953, its customer offer has been outdone by virtually every one of its major competitors, has found.

The standard tariffs offered by rivals npower, Scottish and Southern Energy and Powergen, all introduced after the initial British Gas power cut announcement on February 8th, make those companies’ gas cheaper than British Gas.

“British Gas should be applauded for finally taking the fight back to the market,” a move which resulted in spiralling cuts as providers vied for custom, uSwitch’s energy product manager Geoff Slaughter commented.

But online offerings remain substantially softer on the purse, at just £753 a year, according to uSwitch calculations.

Meanwhile, the energy giant’s incoming chief executive, Phil Bentley, this week told the Telegraph he knew much more was needed to make British Gas “a national treasure for the UK”.

“Every customer counts,” he added, pointing to a return rate for British Gas of 80,000 customers each week since the cuts were announced.

Nevertheless, the company’s prices will need to remain competitive to keep many customers with the memory of 2006 still fresh in their minds on side.

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