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British Gas shines in dual-fuel regional charts

05 June 2007
British Gas came out on top in a regional breakdown of energy suppliers, with the cheapest dual fuel tariffs in nine of 14 UK regions.

Its customers in the east of England pay just £733 annually based on average energy consumption, the study showed.

But competitors were also more competitive in other areas, with EDF providing the cheapest electricity to ten of the 14 regions and Scottish Power offering the cheapest gas-only tariffs in eleven areas.

Regionally, dual fuel customers do best if they live in the east of England, although customers buying electricity alone will do well in the East Midlands and southern Scotland is ideal for gas-only customers.

At the same time, customers signed up to EDF and Scottish Power are still awaiting the arrival of the price cuts scheduled for June 15th and has renewed calls for Powergen to pass on strong profits with further price cuts for customers.

Still, with “the full effect of price cuts in sight”, customers are more empowered than ever to choose their optimum provider, commented’s head of utilities Paul Schofield, factoring in region, supplier and usage habits.

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