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Britons ‘attached’ to their landlines

06 December 2007
Landlines are used in the UK more than in other European countries, where mobiles are more popular, an expert says.

Only 13 per cent of households have a mobile only – and not a landline – which is below the EU average of 18 per cent, according to Eurostat figures.

Rupert Wood from telecommunications analysts Analysys said that very high mobile-only households were found in poorer countries and gave the example of Finland, where about 40 per cent of homes did not have a landline.

“Looking at the actual demographics – what segments of the population don’t have a fixed line – clearly there’s a high proportion who are young and mobile, in the sense that they move house fairly frequently,” he said.

Income seemed to be a definite barrier to having a landline, he added.

He went on to suggest that he thought that younger people who were on the move and restricted by income would eventually get a landline because there was no good mobile alternative to broadband.

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