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Brits get flirty via text

19 October 2007
Britons send around 235 million flirtatious text messages every month, according to a new report.

With the average cost of a text standing at 8.2 pence, the total worth of such messages totals £231 million, the uSwitch study found.

The cost of arranging a first date alone costs £9 million per month, with the average first date taking six messages to arrange.

Six million people have had a relationship ended by text message and one million have sent a text that they later regretted.

Around 12 million Brits said that text messaging “adds a whole new dilemma” to flirting and a quarter of male respondents said they felt it had made the dating game harder.

Steve Weller, head of communications services at, says we are now “dependent on our phones for every aspect of our lives, even our love lives.”

He added that text messages seem to be “the new arrows to Cupid’s bow”.

Meanwhile, it has been widely reported that mobile phones are to be allowed on planes travelling in Europe in the near future.

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