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Brits get hot under the collar about heating bills

09 October 2007 has published new research which reveals that the subject of heating the home often leads to arguments between couples, with cost of bills often the underlying cause.

Head of utilities, Paul Schofield, said: “The heating wars have officially begun for winter 2007 and it is causing friction in homes throughout the nation.”

“With many families clashing over when to turn the heating on or being annoyed when it goes on too soon, it is clear high bills are a driving concern,” he added.

According to the company, 30 per cent of people in the UK have fallen out over heating levels. With 11 per cent having conflicting views over when to turn the heating on, 18 per cent said they felt annoyed when their partner turned on the heat earlier than they considered necessary.

More than one-fifth of men said they had reacted badly to their partner turning up the heat, while 15 per cent of women claimed they had wanted to turn heating on but had ended up having an argument.

Mr Schofield expressed concern that people, and particularly the elderly and vulnerable, are reluctant to heat their homes because of high prices.

“With the Met Office predicting this winter will be ‘noticeably colder than last year’ and approaching the most expensive time of the year for fuel bills, everyone should ensure they are on the best tariff,” he advised.

“It will take six to eight weeks for the change to come into effect when swapping energy suppliers so jump in now to avoid the next row with your loved one this winter,” he added.

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