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Broadband best for internet newcomers

04 April 2007
Only 24 per cent of people who plan to connect to the internet at home for the first time this year will opt for a modem connection, a new report from Ofcom shows.

The digital progress report suggests that customers are calculating that it makes better financial sense to choose broadband immediately instead of buying an initial internet connection and later transferring to a broadband provider, with 76 per cent of new users signing up to broadband.

Home broadband has grown at a remarkably rapid rate – over 50 per cent of adults now have broadband compared to just 39 per cent one year ago.

In the last four years, the number of broadband customers has multiplied seven times.

Nevertheless, it seems that the market may be becoming saturated, as only 23 per cent of those who are still not connected at home are looking to become linked up in the coming year.

The remaining 77 per cent are the customers providers will need to try hardest to reach.

But with prices falling from £50 a month in 2003 to £15 a month today for speeds of up to 2Mb, the broadband revolution could prove hard to resist.

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