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Broadband customers should be aware of ‘usage limits’

21 January 2008 / by None
Increasingly cheap broadband packages from the larger internet companies are misleading customers who subscribe to a smaller Internet Service Provider (ISPs), according to broadband comparison site ISPreview.

Customer expectations are distorted by such packages and lead to expectations from their smaller ISP which are not realistic, says the site.

David Mitchell, commercial manager for QuikInternet, commented: “We tell the truth to our customers. Every package has its limits. The simple truth is that a pipe (34 megabytes or 622 megabyte) can only handle so much.”

He pointed out that a smaller ISP offering unlimited usage without quality promises simply attracts a glut of users with expectations about memory and speed that are “physically impossible to deliver”.

The Fair Usage Policies that are commonly attached to broadband products are often “too vague” leaving customers unaware about the limitations of their package, ISPPreview said.

In related news, the Economist reports that it is not necessarily the richest economies that have the most broadband subscribers, with Denmark and the Netherlands having higher subscription figures than the UK and the US.

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