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Broadband for all as we become Digital Britain?

16 January 2009 / by Rebecca Sargent
Broadband could soon be available to every single home in the UK, it has been revealed.

According to reports today, this is what the Communications Minister, Lord Carter, will announce in his interim Digital Britain Report later this month.

It was said in October last year that a report would be published, because the Government wanted to “secure the UK’s place at the forefront of innovation, investment and quality in the digital and communications industries.”

Speaking at Ofcom’s International Conference in December last year, Lord Carter said that the interim Digital Britain Report will: “set out a clear vision and framework for a fully digital economy and society in 2012.”

And, according to The Financial Times, people who have seen the draft report say that it contains measures which will guarantee every household in the country access to broadband internet.

At the Ofcom conference, Lord Carter did imply this, saying: “If we are successful, spectrum availability need no longer be an obstacle to the legitimate public policy aspiration of universal or near universal access to broadband. It just may be mobile or technology-neutral broadband.”

Speaking of the potential of using mobile phones to achieve this, he said: “The mobile handset is the device virtually no one, rich or poor leaves home without and potentially the device that could bring broadband take-up into line with availability.”

Lord Carter reportedly also hinted at bringing broadband to everyone during a Westminster meeting yesterday.

The interim Digital Britain Report is expected by the end of January.

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