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Broadband more competitive but customers still sceptical

12 April 2007
One year on from the introduction of the Carphone Warehouse TalkTalk ‘free’ broadband offer, it is time to reassess our attitudes to broadband and register real improvements in affordability, has claimed.

Despite negative recent publicity around some internet service providers’ claims to offer ‘unlimited’ broadband, providers are actually giving customers significantly better value for money than they were this time last year, the survey showed.

On average, internet service providers offer almost six times better value for money today than they did 12 months ago, as customers pay just £2.20 per Mb on average compared to the £12.80 per Mb they forked out in April 2006.

Yet customers are still more sceptical than they need be, the research suggested – 48 per cent of people are convinced broadband prices across the market have stayed the same, even while BSkyB, Orange and TalkTalk all introduced free broadband packages in bundled form.

Since the market is continuing to change fast, and as 72 per cent of customers now see broadband as an essential service, it is time to look out for market-leading deals – and acknowledge the news on broadband is not all bad, SimplySwitch founder Karen Darby stressed.

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