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Broadband sewer plans unveiled

23 January 2008 / by None
Consumers in the UK could soon benefit from super-fast broadband connections with the use of new cable technology.

According to the Financial Times, Welsh firm H2O Networks is planning to lay the new cables in sewage pipes in Dundee, Bournemouth and Northampton.

The company would then aim to connect more locations across the country in the next few years, potentially avoiding high installation costs associated with digging up roads, according to the newspaper.

In related news, Andrew Ferguson, editor of, recently said that some companies may be able to access “better, more reliable” internet connections for “little money”.

However, this can vary depending on where the business is located in relation to the central exchange, he explained.

According to the expert, the next generation of broadband services will provide organisations with improved speeds, but “only in the large towns and cities” for a number and years.

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