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BT increases prices

05 February 2008 / by None
BT has announced that it will be increasing prices on a number of its call plans – a move which one firm has suggested will affect millions of customers.

According to, line rental is to increase for the first time in two years, hitting approximately nine million people who receive bills by paper.

Consequently, the firm estimates that customers will pay an additional £80 million each year.

Meanwhile, daytime and evening call rates for certain packages are also likely to be increased significantly, the firm claimed.

Steve Weller, head of communications services at, said: “Today’s announcement signals BT’s ongoing intention to drive customers onto its inclusive calling plans and also to opt for paperless billing.”

In related news, BT recently announced the launch of a new range of more energy-efficient phones.

The company said that it marked the start of a £2 million effort to improve the energy rating of its range of domestic phones.

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