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BT launches free calls to landlines from its hotspots

18 April 2007
BT business customers will be able to make free internet-facilitated calls to UK landlines when away from the office using the 2,000 ‘Openzone’ Wi-Fi hotspots the company has created across the UK.

The advantages of the scheme when away from the office are perhaps greatest when travelling on the continent – BT has set up 30,000 Wi-Fi spots overseas in conjunction with international partners, where customers can check email and make internet calls to landlines for free.

Until mobile phone roaming charges are capped as expected this summer, calling a landline in the UK from a mobile abroad would be more expensive than calling from a hotspot on the BT network.

And although BT will be charging customers to make calls to UK mobiles from its hotspots, these calls will be capped at 25p for up to an hour’s use, which would seem to be markedly cheaper than the 27p per minute cap on making mobile calls from abroad which the European Union is expected to introduce.

However, the user does need to be a business customer, and will need to remain in the hotspot zones as designated by BT while using the service.

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