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BT’s bundle brings in credit cards too

28 June 2007
BT has made a foray into the credit card market, launching a card which offsets landline phone and broadband bills against the amount spent on credit card purchases.

Every £2 spent by a customer on a purchase within the first £250 spent using the card each month will earn him or her one penny off their broadband or phone bills, while spending above £250 monthly will earn a double discount of two pence.

By entering the credit card market, the telecoms giant “takes the ‘bundling’ of services to a whole new level”, commented the head of, Karen Darby.

She commended the card for offering “competitive” interest rates, with zero per cent per annum on balance transfers for 12 months and zero per cent on purchases for three months plus a typical rate of 16.9 per cent variable APR.

What is more, if customers who share broadband or landline bills both or all use a BT credit card, they can collectively get money discounted from the household bill, Ms Darby remarked.

BT announced price cuts totalling up to 20 per cent of bills for landline customers at the start of the month.

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