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Churchill: Neighbours should be there for one another

16 February 2007
Neighbourly habits are on the decline, Churchill Home Insurance has warned, and the shift in social attitudes could be putting our homes at risk.

Seven in ten people said they would ignore a neighbour’s burglar alarm instead of rushing to check that all was well, while as many as 83 per cent would pay no attention to a car alarm sounding on the street.

These lax attitudes to security alerts are reinforced by the finding that, while you are away on holiday, the chances of your neighbours keeping an eye out for your property are just under 50 per cent.

Although over 90 per cent of Brits claim they are good neighbours, their behaviour tells another story – with many making the excuse of being too busy.

“Social trends such as longer working hours and commuting longer distances, people moving home more frequently and families enjoying more sedentary leisure activities within the home can affect [neighbours’] relationships,” said Martin Scott, head of Churchill Home Insurance.

But finding the time to be good neighbours might not only cement a friendship built to last – it could also be a vital way of keeping your home safe while you’re busy elsewhere.

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