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Concern raised over ‘unlimited’ broadband deals

01 November 2007
Broadband deals should not be labelled as unlimited if providers put restrictions in place, it has been claimed.

According to, 71 per cent of broadband customers believe they are paying for an unlimited broadband service, when in fact certain limits apply.

Steve Weller, head of communications services at the firm, said that it is “no surprise” that people are drawn to supposedly unlimited broadband packages.

“However, the fair usage policies that protect these claims are not ‘fair’ at all – they fail to specify the limit at which customers will have their service restricted, or, in a worst case scenario, cut off,” he commented. recently reported that one in four people do not understand the difference between broadband deals available on the market, while the majority of consumers did not do any research before choosing a provider.

Jason Lloyd, head of broadband at the company, said it was evident that the variety of packages available was leaving customers “confused”.

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