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Consumers ‘scared’ of broadband switch

12 February 2008 / by None
The research by BroadbandChoices found that one-third of customers have little faith in the process involved with changing their provider.

Figures for 2007 show that around 13 per cent of consumers were switching provider, with current data revealing that one in four would like to change in 2008.

Michael Phillips, product development director at BroadbandChoices, commented: “Some are concerned they will be stuck with a hefty bill for the privilege of moving, and that they could in fact be left without a connection for long periods.”

He added that others are reluctant to deal with call centres that have been found to give conflicting advice to those looking to switch.

Mr Phillips also noted that internet service providers should not be allowed to bully customers into thinking that a switch is the wrong choice for them.

In related news, Ericsson president and chief executive Carl-Henric Svanberg has called 2007 a breakthrough year for mobile broadband, reports ZDNet.

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