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Consumers see green energy as ‘complex’

25 January 2008 / by None
Many consumers feel that green energy is “complex” and are therefore reluctant to switch to greener energy providers, uSwitch has said.

The group noted that despite consumers being aware that greener energy is an important issue, just one per cent of them have switched to a greener provider.

Recent price hikes have prompted many consumers to consider switching their supplier, yet uSwitch says that only around 200,000 to 250,000 users have gone onto a greener option.

Most consumers that are switching providers are led by a combination of price and level of service provided, according to the group.

Commenting on this, Tim Wolfenden, head of home services for uSwitch, said: “Green definitely is an issue. I think on the energy side, consumers feel it’s a little complex. They don’t fully understand it … it’s not fully explained very well. So consumers haven’t really bought into it.”

Elsewhere, uSwitch has also revealed that unsecured personal loan customers could save around £1.25 billion by switching loan products mid-term.

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