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Credit cards could help furniture frenzy

19 April 2007
Brits spent £13.5 billion on furniture and furnishings in 2005, according to the latest research, leading one credit card provider to suggest zero per cent cards as a way of saving money while making your home look fantastic.

Halifax Credit Cards has revealed that spending on interior design in this sense has increased by 86 per cent in the last ten years, while the figure from 2005 for spending on furniture and furnishings stood at £7.3 billion.

With zero per cent cards offering the introductory rate on balance transfers and purchases in some cases, Halifax has suggested that keeping your home fashionable and furniture-filled shouldn’t mean spending all your spare cash.

“When it comes to furnishings, we all love filling our homes with creature comforts but this shouldn’t leave you with empty pockets or paying high interest for months afterwards,” said Ken Stannard, head of Halifax Credit Cards.

Halifax says that the £13.5 billion is enough to buy 22.5 million sofas or 61.4 million dining tables – but ensuring you have the right credit card could see you save for an additional purchase.

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