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‘Customers disappointed with broadband speeds’

10 December 2007 / by None
Many high-speed internet services in Britain are failing to meet the expectations of consumers, it is claimed.

Michael Phillips, product director at online self-help service Broadband Choices, commented that many connections are not sufficiently fast enough for consumers looking to download films or watch TV over the internet.

Reports of an internet slowdown have not emerged because of falling connection speeds, however, but moreover a result of broadband providers misrepresenting the speed of their product to consumers, Mr Phillips suggested.

Research by Broadband Choices has found that customers are typically only getting 39 per cent of the internet speed advertised by broadband providers in Britain, he noted.

“There is a problem with how speeds are being represented to customers at the point at which they sign up for the packages,” Mr Phillips said.

Meanwhile upgrading Britain’s network to improve broadband is an “enormous task” that would require the government to “take a lead” in working with existing providers, he added.

The internet could run out of capacity by 2012, according to the predictions of US analyst firm Memertes Research.

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