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EDF Energy slashes gas but keeps electricity constant

30 April 2007
French-owned EDF Energy has become the fifth major UK energy supplier to announce price cuts for its customers.

The new pricing regime will slash customers’ gas bills by more than ten per cent, potentially saving dual fuel customers £63 a year and taking their total bill down to £907.

But electricity prices for the supplier’s 5.5 million UK customers will stay steady for the time being, the company said, justifying the standstill on electricity bills on the grounds that its bills rose less than those of competitors last year.

Consumer watchdog Energywatch gave a subdued response to the EDF move, with campaigns director Adam Scorer telling This Is London this was “the least it needed to do in response to moves from other suppliers”.

“This is no price war for consumers, just a jockeying for position by companies looking to hang on to what they’ve got,” he added.

The EDF cuts, to be introduced on June 15th, are widely seen as a response to pressure from energy industry regulator Ofgem, telling customers to switch and save themselves £122 on bills by doing so.

The second supplier named by Ofgem, Scottish Power, has not yet announced any price cuts.

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