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Energywatch tracks British Gas billing complaints

24 April 2007
British Gas received more than twice as many customer complaints as all its rivals put together in the last six months, a new study from Energywatch has shown.

Despite controlling just 30 per cent of the market, British Gas was the subject of 70 per cent of customer complaints to Energywatch between October 2006 and March 2007, compared to just nine per cent for Npower, six per cent for Scottish Power and five per cent for Powergen.

Most complaints centred on inaccurate billing caused by the switchover to a new billing system, it said.

Since the introduction of the new system, customers calling British Gas to complain have allegedly experienced poor customer service.

“Customers should not be left hanging on the phone or having to explain their circumstances to several different advisers,” protested Energywatch’s campaigns director, Adam Scorer.

What is more, the failure to send out accurate bills undercuts the positive impact of cuts to the basic tariff introduced last month, claimed’s founder, Karen Darby.

But British Gas’ managing director Phil Bentley told BBC Radio that “99.7 percent of our customers are absolutely happy with the service,” promising “significant improvements in service by summer” for disgruntled customers, Reuters reports.

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