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Epitiro reveals Orange back in broadband top 5

07 February 2007
Orange has regained its place among the top five ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) UK broadband providers alongside BT, Virgin, Pipex and Demon, according to the latest Epitiro Internet Performance Indicator report.

The report tests internet services from the end-user’s perspective, measuring technical performance aspects including speed and reliability of connection.

Orange stood out with the fastest ‘ping’ time – the time taken for data updates to be translated from the internet to a computer – which constitutes a big advantage for online gamers.

Meanwhile, BT offered the fastest HTTP download speed, which usually correlates to the speed of ordinary browsing.

Virgin boasted the lowest ‘packet loss’ rate, which can affect the streaming of audio and video viewed online, as well as the lowest number of connection failures.

“A broadband connection isn’t just about speed,” explained Epitiro’s managing director Gavin Johns.

“The connection has to be available when you need it and, with the growth of VoIP, internet gaming and videoconferencing, it has to be able to deal with lots of different online activities.”

Five providers currently occupy 82 per cent of the broadband market, according to – BT, Virgin, AOL, Tiscali, and Orange, with a 7.6 per cent market share.

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