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EU calls for ‘single telecoms market’

16 November 2007
The European commission has adopted new proposals for reforms to the existing EU telecoms rules to enable consumers to enjoy “better and cheaper” services.

Covering mobile phones, broadband internet and cable TV, the commission’s plans include “strengthening” consumer rights, improving levels of competition between operators and encouraging greater investment in new systems.

Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the commission, said: “From today onwards, a single market without borders for Europe’s telecoms operators and consumers is no longer only a dream.”

A single market can help bring greater choice and lower prices for mobile phone customers and broadband subscribers, he added.

In order for the new proposals to become law, they must first be approved by the European parliament and the EU council of ministers.

In related news, reported that people swapping broadband providers often have to wait an average of two weeks for their new service to be installed.

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