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Facebook use takes off on mobile phones says Orange

24 December 2008 / by Rebecca Sargent
The number of people using their mobile phones to access social networking sites such as Facebook, Bebo and Myspace has soared this year, according to research from Orange.

The Digital Media Index from Orange revealed that on average there are 166 million page impressions on mobile social networking sites each month.

Sites like Facebook, Bebo and Myspace have become the staple of many teenagers’ lives in the last few years, which is demonstrated in the increased use through mobile phones.

In fact, the number of unique users of social networking sites through mobile phones each month is now 640,000 and the average number of pages per month, per user is 260.

Commenting, Mark Watts-Jones, head of product management at Orange, said: “Customers are increasingly spending their time accessing social networking via their mobile phones.

“Since July Orange customers using social networking on their mobiles have increased by over 40 per cent and monthly pages by over 57 per cent as awareness grows and customers increasingly use mobile social networking as part of their daily routine.”

According to Orange, the reason for a surge in mobile networking use is a combination between partnerships with the large social networking sites and mobile phone tariffs which, “make staying in touch wherever you are all the more easy.”

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